This is us....

Welcome to Soho Boutique! We’re a women’s fashion and homewares boutique based in Bendigo, delivering beautiful & affordable women’s fashion and homewares worldwide.


Behind the scenes at Soho? You’ll find us - Chantell and Taylor!



Yep, we’re the mother-daughter duo that make it all happen! When we’re not laughing and chatting away on our Instagram stories… you’ll find us helping women of all ages find their own unique style that has them glowing with the self-confidence they deserve.


As a woman-run business, we know what it’s like to wear something that doesn’t feel quite right - it’s a feeling that can ruin your entire day! So… at Soho? We’re passionate about helping women find styles and pieces that they truly love themselves in - day in and day out.


Soho Boutique is all about effortless fashion that makes you feel good about yourself while also suiting your lifestyle, we are truly where comfort meets style & confidence. With worldwide shipping available, you can visit us both in-store and online.


Life is too short to wear something that has you feeling any less than amazing!


Chantell & Taylor x